Busy, Busy, Busy

December always turns out to be one of the busiest times for me each year. Everyone at work is trying to get everything done before the end of the year so things there are always crazy.  Outside of that there are Christmas dinners, parties, events, etc.  Right now we are getting ready for our big Christmas production at church and so there are rehearsals up until the final performances.  It makes me look forward to a new year when I can take a breath and relax.  It seems I have no time to work on anything out side of all of the holiday stuff.  So does your life speed up at this time of the year?  Post me a comment and let me know.

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What Are You Thankful For?

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for a wonderful family, a wonderful wife, a nice home, a good job, and knowing that God loves me no matter what.  It is such as blessing to have such a wonderful life.

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To Droid Is The Answer

So in my previous post I asked the question “To Droid Or Not To Droid” referring to the new Motorola Droid phone that came out a week ago.  I was trying to decide if I was going to get one to replace my old SmartPhone that I have been using for several years.  Well, I’ve bit the bullet and got me one.  Ordered it yesterday and it arrived today.  I’ll have some fun checking it out this weekend.  I’ll post some details once I get a chance.  In the meantime I’m looking forward to some sunshine soon.

It has been raining here for like the last 4 or 5 days.  It’s probably the most rain we’ve ever had in years.  Anyone that wasn’t sure if they had a leak is certainly sure now. 🙂  We got the remains of hurricane Ida (not sure if it was ever an actual hurricane…maybe just a tropical storm) but it has been drowning the eastern part of the U.S. all week.  It seems the rain has finally stopped…now if we can just find the sun again things will be much better.

Today my eye started watering.  It’s just my right eye.  I hope I’m not getting an eye infection.  I’ve never really had that happen before.  Oh well.  To anyone reading this…have a nice weekend!

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To Droid Or Not To Droid…That Is The Question

So currently I have a Verizon VX6700 Smart Phone that I’ve been using since 2006. It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and has been okay for the most part. Over the last few weeks I was looking to see what new phones were out that I could upgrade to. I first discovered the Blackberry Storm 2 which looked promising and then I came across the Droid which just went on sale yesterday (Friday). The specs. were quite impressive so I immediately started researching it and today I went out to my local Verizon store and decided to check it out.

The phone looked okay to me and was much lighter than the heavy brick I have now. Most people are saying it’s heavy but for those of us that have the VX6700 phone this one is much lighter. The touch screen was a bit of a pain to get used to. I’ve been tied to my stylus for so many years trying to use my finger was a bit of a pain. The phone did not seem to respond to well to my touch but maybe over time it would get better.

My main concern was how well the keyboards would work on this phone. The Droid (made by Motorola) has a physical keyboard that slides out as well as a virtual onscreen touch keyboard. I tried using both. The issue on either was that with my fat fingers I would get several duplicated key presses. That was the biggest pain. The phone itself was light-years faster than what I have today and the features are quite cool. The camera quality is much better but not that much faster than my current phone. Also the Droid has “DVD quality” video. This looked quite nice which I tried it out.

The one feature I’m really looking to get is the Google navigation that gives you turn-by-turn directions. With the built in GPS you can get your current location and get directions. This seemed nice. The sound was not too bad either with the phone’s speaker.

A few cons I noticed was that the phone is not global. This is not a big issue as I never go out of the country but it would be nice to know it had the capability if you needed it. I’ve read rumors that a global version may be coming later. The other thing that bugged me was that I could not use my stylus with the screen. I guess it’s by design. I was thinking if the touch did not work out too well then maybe I could use my stylus with it but no such luck.

The other con I’ve read is the phone does not to tethering right now. Apparently it is coming early next year, but I’m reading you are going to have to pay a little extra to get this feature. I’m paying for an “unlimited” data plan now and there is no extra cost for tethering. I hope they don’t charge me any more because that would be a real pain on top of my enormous bill already. We’ll see.

So I’m still thinking I might order this phone and give it a whirl. If it can do enough stuff then maybe I won’t need to carry my laptop around as much and the tethering will be a moot point.

So are there any other Geeks (or non-geeks) that have jumped on the Droid bandwagon? Post me your comments.

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How Much Does AT&T Bug You

In case you didn’t know AT&T is not one of my favorite companies. I’ve had so many issues with them it isn’t funny but the thing that aggravates me the most is that on average they probably call my house 2-3 times a day wanting to sell me their latest “bundle”. In addition to this they also send me 2 – 3 printed letters and offers a month promoting the same thing. Now I have blocked all of their numbers so that when they call my computer hangs up on them but this got me to thinking.

If you were to add up the cost of sending me x number of printed items per month as well as the cost of calling me xx times a month would not that add up to a nice little discount on my telephone bill. This would be a win-win situation for them. I would not get bombarded with so much mail and phone calls and they would have a happier customer because all of that money they are spending to bug me would now me a nice discount. I mean come on…I am quite familiar with their bundles and offerings. If I want it I will call them up and ask for it. I did that one time and then they ended up losing my order. Poof…it was gone. So needless to say I hate AT&T quite a bit. The only reason I have them right now is for my alarm system.

I know there are others out there as frustrated with them as me. I’d love to hear about it so please post a comment and let me know your pet peeves with AT&T.

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It’s Sunday…What Are You Doing?

It’s been a typical Sunday for me. Got up and went to church this morning and then came home and had lunch. I’ve had a couple of minutes to rest and it’s almost time to go back for choir rehearsal. I attend the exciting Church at Clifton Road. Our services are broadcast online so if you’re looking for a fresh word from God then I encourage you to log on and watch one of our services.

Have a blessed day!

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How Hard Is It To Give Me Some Nuts?

For the last three times I’ve ordered hot fudge sundae’s with nuts at my local McDonald’s they give me the Sundae’s without nuts. The receipt clearly says “2 nut packets” but they never give me the packets. I always have to ask them to give me the packets after I’ve checked my order to confirm they got everything right. How hard it is to read the screen to see if someone wants nuts with your sundae? Does anyone else have a pet peeve about this? How hard is it for someone to give me some nuts!

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