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Check Out My New Personal Blog

I’ve created a new personal blog that you can find here: I will probably not make any more posts here but be sure to check out my new site for the latest about me.

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Windows Vista Print Spooler Error

For several weeks now, I’ve not been able to print anything from my desktop computer.  I have a Dell XPS 435T with Windows Vista 64bit and all of the sudden one day printing stopped working.  I kept getting an error … Continue reading

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Back to Blogging: Shuttle Launch and Dallas Remake

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on my personal blog.  Thought I would take some time to spark a few posts and see what happens.  I’ve been busy working on many personal projects, quite involved at my church, … Continue reading

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80% Off Web Hosting Deal – This Black Friday

Black Friday is just about here and my web host, is offering 50% off all web hosting and services Nov. 26, 2010. It starts at midnight CST and continues until 11:59PM CST. From 5am – 9am CST they are … Continue reading

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Pray For My Niece

My fourth niece was born this past July with basically a half of heart. Her name is Annabelle and she has been in the hospital since birth. She has had two surgeries so far and is still using a ventilator. This … Continue reading

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Annoying Problem With USB Card Reader in Dell XPS 435T Solved

Ok, so I have a Dell XPS 435T desktop system. It has a Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader in it that has been working fine over the year.  I normally keep is disabled because there is a bug with my video editing … Continue reading

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My First Post of 2010

So it’s like April already and I have yet to make a post to this blog until now, April 16.  We are already into the second quarter of the year and I can hardly believe it’s already 2010.  There have … Continue reading

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