Windows Vista Print Spooler Error

For several weeks now, I’ve not been able to print anything from my desktop computer.  I have a Dell XPS 435T with Windows Vista 64bit and all of the sudden one day printing stopped working.  I kept getting an error like this:

“spooler subsystem app stopped working”

I  do not recall doing anything out of the ordinary, but I could not print to my printer, print to a PDF, or do anything with the printers.  When I would open my printer folders it would be blank and I would get the same print spooler error.  I tried all of the normal checks, and could not get rid of this error or get my ability to print back.  This was so annoying.

This week, after continuing to research the issue, I came across some posts that said you should check for files in your printer spool folder (located here: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS)  and try to remove them if they are there.  So I figured, what the heck, I can’t be any worse off.  I go check this folder, and sure enough there are two files there.  I try to delete them and it requires admin. privilege to do so.  I grant such authority and the files are now gone.  So I try to print and still no luck, so I figure a reboot might now be in order.

I reboot my computer, and go to my printers folder and voila! My printers are now all listed and it looks like everything is back to normal.  So I test out printing to my printer, and printing to a PDF and everything works again!  Dang Windows!  Not sure who is the cause of this (some seem to indicate something with Adobe), but this was certainly a very irritating issue for me that just should not have happened.

In any case I wanted to post this in case someone else spends hours trying to figure out why their print capability is screwed up.  I’ve read this also can happen on Windows 7.  I have not upgraded to Win. 7, yet, but considering it.

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