Back to Blogging: Shuttle Launch and Dallas Remake

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here on my personal blog.  Thought I would take some time to spark a few posts and see what happens.  I’ve been busy working on many personal projects, quite involved at my church, and working very hard at my day job with Volvo.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I like the idea of picking some newsworthy or odd news topics of the day and discussing them from my viewpoint.  So here goes my first attempt…

Final Shuttle Launch

Final Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis

One of the first big news topics of the day was the final space shuttle launch.  I just happened to be off work today and was at home which made it very convenient for me to watch Atlantis lift off into the sky.  The whole space program has always fascinated me to some degree and I’ve always following the launches from time-to-time especially when I was younger.

I remember very clearly the morning that I was watching the Challenger lift-off that ended in the horrific explosion.  It was a January morning and for some reason I was not in school that day.  My parents and were fixing to leave to go shopping out of town or something, but seeing that will always be in my mind.

It will be interesting to see where the space program goes from here.  I know the shift is that everything will move to the private industry.  I can only hope that we achieve things as great as the space shuttle program has over its lifetime.

You can watch the final shuttle mission live here.

80’s Drama Dallas Coming Back?

Cast of Dallas Remake Coming 2012I was on Facebook today and happen to see an ad about this so I just had to click it.  I normally don’t click those Facebook ads that always show up on the right-hand side of the page, but with this one I just had to see for myself.

Apparently it’s true.  TNT has apparently decided to purchase 10 episodes of a new remake of the drama Dallas and it even has three or the original cast members.  I was like “Wow…can this really make a go?”.  It’s scheduled to air in 2012 so I guess that leaves plenty of time for things to change, but it will be interesting to see how well it goes.

I was never into the show much, but when I was a kid most Friday nights I was at my grandparents house and we would always watch the Dukes of Hazzard which aired right before Dallas would come on.  The Dukes of Hazzard was  one of my favorite shows as a kid and I always remember Dallas coming on after it, so I did see it from time-to-time and always remember the phrase “Who Shot J.R.?”.

It seems that trying to remake old shows does not always work.  I know they brought back a remake of Knight Rider a couple of years back and that one didn’t fly very well. Knight Rider was also one of my favorite shows as a kid.  Guess I had a thing for unique cars and didn’t realize it.

I think good things should just be left alone.  A show lived its life and trying to revive it again will probably just hurt more than it will help.  My suggestion is to just promote the DVD set (if available) to the younger generation so that they can experience what we did as kids.  Okay…enough about TV for now.

With that I’ll say so long for now!

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