Annoying Problem With USB Card Reader in Dell XPS 435T Solved

Ok, so I have a Dell XPS 435T desktop system. It has a Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader in it that has been working fine over the year.  I normally keep is disabled because there is a bug with my video editing software such that if the card reader is enabled my system will crash with a BSOD (blue screen of death) when I try to write to a DVD.  Anyway, I recently used the card reader to import some photos from my memory card and everything was fine until today. 

Today I put in my memory card and nothing happened.  No drives showed up, nothing.  So I disabled/enabled and nothing.  I didn’t know what was wrong as it had worked fine just a few days ago.  So I started Googling for answers and found updated drives which I installed and all I kept getting was one of two things.  If I let Microsoft take care of it it would install the drivers for “unknown USB device”.  If I forced it to install the Realtek drivers then it would say “device could not start”.  I did this multiple times with the same results.  Still no card reader working.

So after about 2 – 3 hours of dealing with the crazy thing I found an obsecure post (located here) that said the issue was you need to disconnect the computer from the power.  Even if you turn this computer off the motherboard still gets power noted by the green light on the back that stays lit.  So I unplug the computer from the outlet, let the green light go out, and wait a couple of minutes.  I then power up the machine, let it boot up, and viola, my Realtek USB 2.0 card reader was now working just as it always did. 

I’m like…what the crap?  I spent 2 – 3 hours on something that took 5 minutes to fix.  This is just insane.  Of course I’ve been using computers long enough to know that this is usually how it goes. 

I wanted to share this in case someone else runs across the same issue.  Just try unplugging the computer first and it may say you a lot of headaches and time later.

By the way. I’m running Windows Vista 64bit but I’ve read of people having the same issues with Windows 7.  I still have yet to upgrade to Windows 7 but would like to one of these days.

Catch ya later!

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5 Responses to Annoying Problem With USB Card Reader in Dell XPS 435T Solved

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  2. Matt says:

    It worked! You just saved me 2-3 hours of frustration!


  3. joyce pendleton says:

    yeah MS is always downloading updates and screwing up my computer and making other things not working.

  4. R Holly says:

    Thanks for blogging this. You just me a bunch of frustration.

  5. Remko Yntema says:

    Magnificient..been surfing the net how to take apart the front of my 435 and issues with card reader. Already had my pc unplugged totally so read your post and turned it back on…voila card reader works…..thank you so much…what a save…

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